Gesflopor - Gestão Florestal de Portugal, Lda

Gesflopor - Gestão Florestal de Portugal, Lda

Área Atividade: 
biomassa exploração florestal silvicultura


Under the motto "SABUGAL NATURAL ENERGY SOURCE" the county of Sabugal wants to position itself as a central territory in the controlled use of natural resources especially in the search for new solutions environmentally friendly that promote the human comfort. It is therefore intended to be a meeting place for the promotion, dissemination and demonstration of what happens in the natural energy sector highlighting innovation and environmental sustainability.


Câmara Municipal de Sabugal
Praça da República 6324-007 Sabugal

Telf.: +351 271 751 040 | +351 961 981 620
Fax: +351 271 753 408